Next Quartly Meetings - May 25, 2013

SAQA Regional Meeting will take place on MAY 25th 10:00 AM

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SAQA MA/RI Members Please Note: we will be hanging the Images and Special Exhibits Monday, August 5, 6, and 7th 10-5 pm. 
·          Volunteers are needed to help hang (Tuesday 8/6 & Wednesday 8/7 10:00 am) and to help take down at 5:00 pm Saturday 8/10.
·          One volunteer needed to keep track of volunteers, booking hours. Most of this can be done off site.
·          Two volunteers to lead the implementation of the layout & design of floor plan. 
·          One for support setup and one to learn and lead one hour breakdown process for this exhibit used last year to effectively drop 200 quilts in one hour. 
·          Volunteer to monitor gloves & water set up.
·          White glove volunteers are needed during the exhibit; your friends are welcome to participate. 
·          We will offer a guided tour twice a day of our art works (six tours). Please sign up to lead a tour. The printed booklet will have all the quilts entries information.
·          Invite your friends and family to the festival.
·          A few Photos of this exhibit will run on our blog.

Please send an email to with questions and your availability during the week of August 5-10 for two-three hour slots (select a date and time if you can now) to help support our joint efforts to make a grand entrance at the festival.

SAQA/MARI Regional meeting will be held at noon, in the 2nd floor exhibit room, guests are welcome.

Regards your Co-Reps
Michele David & Valarie Poitier

Exhibit Contact Information:
Phone: 508-314-6597

Please note the MA/RI Members List on the blog will be updated to reflect our active membership as of MAY, 2013.  Check your membership status on-line at
Regards, Ms. V

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