Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Three Cohesive Pieces Exhibit at NEQM's Lowell Quilt Festival August 8, 9, 10th

Good morning,

The clock is ticking, but there is lots of time to go through your ever growing pile of quilts and select three.

What does cohesive mean when you are talking about art quilts, preparing for an exhibit? When you want to provide a gallery or museum a cohesive body of work?  You are not always asked for a cohesive body of work.  Some times you are asked what you do and to show a range of work.

This is not that...a range of work.  This is an opportunity to look at what you have been working on over the past five years and to pull from that body of work three pieces that are interrelated, interconnected, unified, shows a consistent style or set of techniques that have been used by you and that lets the view see that the work was done, clearly done by one hand, writer (the individual marks on the fabric that you render), the artist.

I know some of you are probably tearing your way through three new projects wanting to meet the deadline.  I thought about that at the onset of this exhibit.  But I realize this is an opportunity to use what we have and to put the work up on the wall, down on the floor, the dining room table, you get the idea, and to see what works.

There is still time to get it done.  You can always email us with questions.  The idea here is to show cohesive work, get as many members work up during the festival, work together on a project, and to move on to our next exhibit and symposium with the enthusiasm this project will instill in all of us.  Let your friends know about the

The deadline is midnight and there are days left...see your newsletter for more details.  We will be sending out another posting tonight!

Let's do this!
Ms. V

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Next REgional Meeting 5/25/13 at Button Box Quilt Shop

Hello Members,

Michele David my co-rep and I are pleased to announce a special exhibit of works by SAQA MA/RI members called "Three cohesive pieces" at IMAGES, Lowell quilt festival. 

This is a great opportunity for a large number of our SAQA members to participate in a unique exhibit.  There will be a tight turn-around of deadlines. The work cannot have been displayed at Images before as a group. This exhibit will be curated by Michele David and Valarie Poitier.

Updates in Red, as of 5/23/2013

The object of this special exhibit is to have each quilter display three cohesive pieces of work.  Those quilts on display will clearly have been created by one person, and be united by some combination of subject, color, style, voice, or technique.  The work can have been made during the past 5 years. [updated] 

Our deadlines are as follows:
June15 images and entry due at the Museum.
June 26 acceptance sent out via email.
August 2, 12:00 pm quilts due at the NEQM

Active SAQA MA/RI Members and members listing MA/RI as of May 2013 Active member report for our region can submit up to 2 sets of 3 cohesive quilts .  Note only 1 set can be hung. Entry fee is $ 30 to be payable to Lowell Quilt Festival.


We are still working on the juried, combined New England Regionals Exhibit, called "Color make as a bold statement" more information to follow.

SAQA Meeting Reminder: 
Saturday, May 252013
10:00 am
Button Box Quilt Shop
5 Overbrook Dr. 
Wellesley, MA 02482
(781) 489-6515

Fondest Regards,
Ms. V

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

SAQA MA & RI 2012

Edited by Valarie Poitier & Michele David Co-reps for SAQA MA/RI

Reflections, Celeste B. Janey


After much soul searching and deliberating, I finally sat down and applied for PAM.  For those of you who don’t know what PAM means, PAM stands for Professional Artist Membership.

Taking this step was difficult for me because I had to, step back and see myself more than just an artist, for myself, but as an artist that others might see.  I had to see myself in the “3rd person”, stepping back and seeing how I want to portray myself as an artist to the world. It’s one thing to do my art because it pleases me, but it is another thing to do it and tell the world, “Here I am!”

It made me look at what I had done, what I hope to do.  It made me think about where I want to go, and why.  It also made me, sit down and seriously write a new resume, specifically for my “art” self.  It wasn’t an easy feat.  It literally took me about a year.  Not the writing, but the looking at my work.  Being clear about what interests me, and creating in that vein, specifically.  It took time thinking about all my work and its commonality.  Then it was writing and getting the pieces photographed to convey what I meant it to say.  It took work, but, now… I’m ready.

Member News

Sue Bleiweiss is a 2012 Niche Award finalist in the Fiber Decorative category for her Silk Vessel "curves" seen in the silk gallery here on her website:  See all of the Niche award finalists on the Niche website here:  Winners will be announced in February.

Sue Bleiweiss' book "The Sketchbook Challenge: Techiques, Prompts and Inspiration for achieving your creative goals is now available for pre-order on and the expected publication date is 6/26.  This book is a feast for the eyes from contributors Jill Berry,Jackie Bowcutt,Laura Cater-Woods,Violette Clark,Jane Davies,Jamie Fingal,Judi Hurwitt,Tracie Lyn Huskamp,Susan Brubaker Knapp,Lynn Krawczyk,Leslie Tucker Jenison,Lyric Kinard,Jane LaFazio,Kim Rae Nugent,Kelli Perkins, Carol Sloan,Carla Sonheim,Kathy Sperino,Diana Trout,and Kathyanne White.

Sue wants to announce that her good friend and fellow SAQA member Lyric Kinard is going to be teaching a surface design sampler platter class at ProChem this summer - all the details are here:

Lyric was named 2011 teacher of the year by the Professional Quilter organization and this class is a great way for people to get introduced to a wide range of surface design techniques.

Nancy Crasco has 2 works in the upcoming MA/RI SDA Exhibit, Fiber in the Present Tense, at the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown from March 1 to April 21st.  She is also pleased to say that one of them, Swimming Against the Tide was given the SDA Award of Excellence.

Sally Dillon is announcing a mixed media exhibitionNine Threads, at the Hosmer GalleryForbes Library20 West Street, Northampton, MA, held April 3-28, 2012. The opening reception will be on April 14 from 2:00- 4:30 PM.

Visit or call 413-587-1011 for gallery hours. 

This exhibit presents an engaging way to experience and learn about a variety of tools and techniques used in contemporary fiber arts.  It addresses the compelling crossover between artists and artisans; includes pieces that are sculptural, two dimensional and tactile; and engages novice art admirers as well as seasoned critics.  Nine Threads represents a group of Pioneer Valley  mixed media artists that meet regularly to critique and support one another’s work.  Participating artists are Nancy Moore Bess, Nina Compagnon, Sally Dillon, Rebecca Fricke,  Martha May, Mary Miller, Christina Replogle, Margaret Stancer, Nancy Young.

 Valarie Poitier will be creating the layout of the quilts shown in the auditorium and supervising the hanging of the 2012 exhibits of the Lowell Quilt Festival.  Lowell Quilt Festival AUGUST 9-11, 2012

Wen Redmond has several announcements. Wen was published in Quilting Arts Magazine Feb 2012 ‘Textured Fiber Photographs’ this winter. She has a New Small Works Gallery blog! UpLIFTmENTS! 

Wen was interviewed on the radio by fellow quilter Lesley Riley. Here is the link to the interview that will air  late April 9.

She has several spring Workshops:

In Studio Workshops in Surface Design

APRIL 2012    A 4-week series covers a variety of surface design methods…

APRIL 7     Fab Fabric Painting- just featured at Pro Chem

APRIL 14   Basic Silk-screening

APRIL 28   Creating Thermal Fax Silkscreens

MAY 5        Stalking the Wild Print –published in Cloth Paper Scissors 2011

Wen Redmond, a fabric artist for over 30 years, will offer the workshops at her studio, #336, at Salmon Falls Mills, 1 Front St. Rollinsford, NH

Elizabeth Sylvan, of Florence, MA recently received one of three first prizes, awarded by Country Woman Magazine and Hancock Fabrics, for her whimsical Purple Cow quilt block.  The block and pattern can be found here:

and the block can also be seen in the February/March issue of the magazine, currently on bookstore shelves.  This is Elizabeth's first national award, as well as her first published pattern.  The block was inspired by a photo she took at a local 4th of July parade and by the children's rhyme:  "I've never seen a purple cow, I never hope to see one, but I can tell you any how, I'd rather see than be one."  

Up-coming exhibit:  "Art Quilts: Landscapes, Birds & Flowers"
August 2-20, 2012
Hosmer Gallery, Forbes Library
20 West St.
Northampton, MA 01060

Inspired by wilderness,  Elizabeth's designs intended to delight the eye and quiet the mind while exploring value, color, and natural themes. She uses predominantly raw edge applique, with touches of hand-coloring, and she often incorporates recycled bits of silk, lace, ribbon, leftover snippets from larger projects and small found objects.

Elizabeth was recently interviewed for an online article in the Examiner, a local newspaper, which can be found here:

For additional information: her gallery and online store can be found below.


opportunity: As the New England Quilt Museum prepares to celebrate its Silver Anniversary; quilters across the continent and around the world are invited to join the fun. One way to get involved is to take part in the Silver Threads Quilt Challenge. Make a quilt inspired by the theme "silver."  Quilts should include some silver thread or fabric.  They should represent the maker’s interpretation of the term “silver.”

Other SAQA NE Region News

You are invited by Susan Damone Balch to attend:
SAQA VT/NH/ME Regional "Parlor" Meeting
Saturday, April 28, 2012
103 School Street, Keene, NH
From 10 AM - 2 PM
Your Host - Terri Lipman

We have been offering what we call "parlor" meetings each spring and moving them around to different locations in our region in an attempt to provide all our members with a "local" opportunity to meet with fellow art quilters.  This spring, Terri Lipman has generously offered her home for a gathering in Keene, NH.  ALL are invited to attend!

The gathering will begin at approximately 10 AM and includes show and tell, followed by a pot luck lunch, and then after lunch, some general sharing and discussion. It's an opportunity for us to get together, get to know one another better, learn more about upcoming SAQA projects and events, talk, share, and have some fun.

Just bring a dish to share, something for show and tell, and your enthusiasm. Terri will provide the beverages, cups, plates, utensils, etc.

If you would like to extend your stay in the area, there are many places to stay in Keene that are within walking distance. The Marriott, Holiday Inn Express, and the Lane Hotel are just a few options. Also, nearby Brattleboro, VT has some attractions that you may want to take advantage of while in the area.

Delectable Mountain has a wonderful selection of silk fabrics and there are a number of galleries including VT Artisan Design and Gallery in the Woods.

You don't have to be a member to join us, so please invite any friends that may be interested.
Please contact Terri or Susan if you plan on attending or need more information.

Terri Lipman: 603-209-1918 or 355-1153

Susan Damone Balch: 802-484-9791

Directions: 103 School St. is located 2 blocks north of West St. in downtown area of Keene.  Take West St. exit off of Rt. 9.  After you go under the highway at the 5th light, go left onto School St. (People's Bank is on the corner).  It's the brick house at the stop sign on your right.  Park in the driveway until it is full, then on the street.

If you haven't been to our regional blog lately, there are some new posts about this meeting and other area news and events.

A few of us from Massachusetts plan to attend if you want to carpool send Valarie Poitier an email.


The SAQA/SDA 2013

For more information on the conference, visit  SAQA website at .  

Online registration is ongoing. The workshops are filling rapidly. 

SAQA 2013 Conference, Expanding Horizons, Save the date!
SAQA's "Expanding Horizons" conference

Santa Fe, New Mexico
April 25-28, 2013

Request for Presenters, Download submission guidelines (PDF format)
Proposals are closed March 30, 2012 (12:00 midnight, Mountain Standard Time)

February 29, 2012 - DEADLINE for online entry for "Sense of Scale" 

March 30 - April 1, 2012 - Identity: Context & Reflection Conference in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania (outside Philadelphia)  

May 1, 2012 - DEADLINE for Journal Gallery section - "The Human Form"

More calls for entries can be found on the SAQA website at

Regional Call for Entries

We are counting on a strong showing of our member’s works at these exhibits. Become part of the Anniversary celebrations of the New England Quilt Museum!  As the New England Quilt Museum prepares to celebrate its Silver Anniversary, quilters across the continent and around the world are invited to join the fun.

One way to get involved is to take part in the Silver Threads Quilt Challenge. Make a quilt inspired by the theme "silver." No one is more imaginative than a quilter. Have fun with this!

Prizes will be awarded in a number of categories. Your quilt will be featured in special exhibits in our anniversary year and beyond, including a planned touring exhibit of the very best entries. 

For more information on the Silver Threads Quilt Challenge, go to

In addition you can enter quilts at IMAGES, the premier venue of the

Lowell Quilt Festival, August 9–11, 2012
The Whistler Art Quilt Challenge 2012

James McNeill Whistler, America’s premier 19th Century Artist was an innovator in the art of painting and print making.  His works are in some of the world’s most prestigious art museums.  Born in Lowell in the historic house at 243 Worthen Street, Whistler went on to become one of the most recognized and admired artists in the world today.

The Whistler Art Quilt Challenge will be presented during the Lowell Quilt Festival in 2012. The Whistler House Museum of Art is seeking Art Quilts that interpret, copy, or are inspired by Whistler’s many works of art. Whistler worked in a monochromatic style, titled his paintings with names such as: Arrangement, Harmony, Nocturne, and Symphony which emphasized the primacy of tonal harmony.  He also known for his etchings and print works.

Quilts selected for exhibition must meet one or more of the following criteria.

Quilts based on a Whistler portrait, landscape or seascape.

Quilts in a monochromatic color palette.

Quilts inspired by the terms: Arrangement, Harmony, Nocturne, and Symphony.

To learn more about James McNeill Whistler, please visit:


ART QUILTS LOWELL 2012: A Juried Exhibition

June, 01 2012 to June, 01 2012, Lowell, Massachusetts


ART QUILTS LOWELL 2012: A Juried Exhibition

August 9 - September 15, 2012

Brush Gallery & Artists Studios, Lowell, Massachusetts, A venue of the Lowell Quilt Festival


ART QUILTS LOWELL 2012 is a juried exhibition, organized by the Brush Art Gallery, to identify and encourage quilt artists. The exhibition will include art quilts from artists throughout the United States and Canada. The exhibition will provide an overview of some of the finest quilts being produced; it is a feature of the 2012 Lowell Quilt Festival August 9 - 12. 

ELIGIBILITY:  Artists who are residents of the United States or Canada

METHOD OF SELECTION: Digital images on CD only (no slides or photographs)  

JUROR: Karey Bresenhan, President and CEO, Quilts Inc. 

Karey Bresenhan has co-founded numerous quilting-related groups, including the International Quilt Association and Quilts Inc., which stages the annual International Quilt Festival.

ENTRY PROCEDURE: Artists may submit up to three entries. A $30 non-refundable fee made out to the Brush Art Gallery is required with entries.

The theme this year is Music and your work should reflect this. 

Other calls for entries can be found at 

 Michele and Valarie

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quilting & Weaving, Hand Made, Announcing the 2011 Weavers Guild of Boston Sale...

Dear Friends, for those of us who quilt, weave, paint, crochet, knit, or do anything with yarn this is an event not to be missed. Some of New England's best hand made items will be available this November. This is going to be wonderful...I went, (I am a member of the guild) last year and was thrilled with all the variety and craftswomanship I saw. I have been taking lessons from one of the instructors and believe it on not it has helped me in the design and execution of my quilts.  Ms. V. Read on...

With 1500-2000 exquisite juried handwoven pieces to view and handle (unlike an exhibit!) you are sure to find something that will inspire you, teach you, and maybe come home with you, perhaps as a special gift. [Tell your family this is a great place to buy you a present ;-) ] Items range from bookmarks, ornaments, and cards, to heirloom linens, hundreds of delectable scarves (many handpainted), one of a kind art garments, to rugs and tapestries. This is something to suit every budget.

Dates, Times, and Location 2011

Thursday, Nov 35:00pm - 9:00pm
Friday, Nov 410:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday, Nov 510:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday, Nov 611:00am - 4:00pm
Location:Josiah Smith Barn
358 Boston Post Road
Weston, MA 02493
Google Map, Directions
Joshia Smith Barn
Josiah Smith Barn
For directions and more information visit the WGBoston website:
Valarie Poitier, Weavers Guild of Boston

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Regional Meeting of SAQA MA-RI Members & Guests at the New England Quilt Museum

In one week we will have the opportunity to come together at one of our Regional meetings at the NEQM before the current exhibit of SAQA New England.

In addition to holding our regional meeting, we will share upcoming news, in progress or completed art works, talk about what we are doing or teaching, plan our next area exhibit, meet the artists of the current exhibit, and to invite our guests to become members.

One important order of business Jean Marklin (who will be running the Western location meeting that day) will be stepping down in June 2011.  We are therefore seeking a member to work with me during the remainder of my term and who will forge ahead after my service period is up.

Please volunteer or scout out possible members who have what you consider the necessary experience and energy to best represent you to SAQA and the art community. My email information is below so that you can forward the names on to me.  Some of the qualities we are looking for include a person who is computer savvy, can organize and write the newsletter, or help with the blog, learn the SAQA website, check email and respond on a daily basis,  and has the ability or organize meetings with speakers.  Sounds like a lot of work but it is a shared responsibility and there is so much to gain from the experience, I really have learned so much and look forward to the coming year.

 After the official meeting time, approximately 1:00 (at the latest) we will walk the museum as a group and look at the exhibit together and ask specific questions about techniques, materials used, and the types of machines used.  We should all come away from this experienced inspired to either continue what we are doing or to try something in a different way.

If you are an instructor or have a business please bring business cards or a handout.  This will be the perfect time to talk about what you do and what you offer.

There were many lessons learned during the No Holds Barred exhibit process and we should review some of them.  We can talk about them and what we want to do in the future, what we can do differently, in addition, or not at all.  So the floor will be open to everyone to share their input. 

Also come prepared with ideas about what you would like to participate in regarding future exhibits.  We are ready to start on our next SAQA project as a region and having your input is very important.  The current plan to open the area up beyond the six states and we will discuss to whom and how many other regions to include.  Depending on the ideas we may even open it up to all of SAQA.

As you can see we have a full schedule of items to discuss and hope you will be able to join us.  Your voice is important!  Our next meeting in Eastern Mass will take you through the SAQA site and talk about the call for exhibits section.

Please RSVP to

Ms. V

Valarie Poitier

Friday, March 11, 2011

Grand Opening of SAQA-MA-RI Blog

Good day!

Our region will now join the other New England areas and also have a blog.  We will continue to post everything through the SAQA site and add relevant news to this blog.  SAQA Members will be able to have a link to their blogs.

Watch for our newsletter on or about the 15th of the month.


Ms. V

Curator, Co-Chair SAQA-NEQM-2011 Project "No Holds Barred"
Guest Speaker Grand Opening January 29th @ 1:00pm
Ms. V's Studio #508-314-6597  - Studio Art Quilt Associates